Jake X Loca Pups...
Pure Pride's Harbourmaster

Avalon's Justice Of Windsong, SOM CH Sundarby’s Fleetwood Mac, SOM CH TuRo’s Empire, SOM AmCanCH Marquam Hill's Traper Of TuRo, SOM, SOMC, LOM, LOMC
AmCanCH Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM, SOMC, LOM, LOMC
CH TuRo's Whisper Of Five T'S, DOM, DOMC
CH TuRo’s Touche, DOM CH Benjoman Of Five T's, SOM, LOM
CH Holly Lane's Baubles
CH Sundarby’s Cover Girl CH Bropat’s Red Alert of Asgard, SOM CH Araby's Shortstop, SOM
CH Bropat's Fandancer, DOM
CH Sultan’s Diamond Belle, DOM CH Shieldmont's Dimension, SOM
CH Asgard's Southern Belle, DOM
CH Avalon’s Windsong AmCanCH Bentbrook’s Image of High Noon, SOM, SOMC CanCH Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici, SOM, SOMC CanNorCH Mephisto's High Noon, SOMC
NorCH Nit Noi
Bentbrook’s Jewel Box CH Bentbrook's Double Precision
Bentbrook's Canadian Mist
CH Avalon’s Quiet Storm CH Avalon’s Odyssey CH Winland's Epiphany
Avalon's Crimson Tide Of Madegan
CH Avalon’s Heatwave AmCanCH Lynbary's Ode to Cachet
MGM's The Divine Sara
CH Pure Pride's Loca-Motion
CH Garnsey's Varsity Blues, SOM CH Lynbary's Ode To Cachet CanCH TuRo's Kristian Dior, SOMC, LOMC CH Marquam Hill's Traper Of TuRo, SOM, LOM
TuRo's Snapshot
CanCH Cachet's Garnet Of TuRo, DOMC CH TuRo's Inferno Of Fowler
CH Cachet's Sophisticated Lady
Halcyon Chances Are AmCanCH Cachet's High River Gambler CH Cachet's Casablanca Of TuRo, SOM
CH Touchstone's Shaia, DOM
CH Halcyon Gilding The Lily, CGC CH High River's On Fire, SOM
Halcyon Diamond Lil, CGC
GCH Pure Pride's Absolute GCH Pure Pride N Rion's Witches Brew GCH Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride, SOM
CH TuRo's Overture, SOM
CH Korvette's Porsha, RN, TDI, CGC
Rion's Centerfold CH Garnsey's Varsity Blues, SOM
Rion's Zenia
Pure Pride's Cassiopia From Greenfield, DOM AmPhCH Oak Knoll's Cruise Control CH Sierra's Law And Order
Oak Knoll's Justa Plain Images
Greenfield's Simply Irresistible CH Greenfields Politically Incorrect
Greenfield's Touch Andgo

Steve Stewart and Pure Pride Boxers

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