GCH Pure Pride N Rion's Witches Brew
GCH Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride, SOM
CH TuRo's Overture, SOM CH Garnsey's Mad Max, SOM CH Cachet's Mad Max Of TuRo, SOM. LOM CH TuRo's Empire, SOM
CH TuRo's Cachet
TuRo's Fury Of Cachet CH Cachet's High River Gambler
TuRo's Charisma Of Garnsey
CH TuRo's Kaleidoscope CH Tudosal's Whizzard Of Laurel Hill, SOM TuRo's Escappade, SOM
Tudosal's Onyx Of Laurel Hill
CH Kiebla's Tradition Of TuRo, DOM TuRo's Escappade, SOM
CH Kiebla's Mercy
CH Korvette's Porsha, RN, TDI, CGC CH Korvette's Sixty Six Sting Ray CH Rosewood's Show Buster CH Virgo's Market Boomer, SOM
CH Moss Rose's Lady Abigail
Korvette's Lil' Red Jewel CH Dreamweaver Rochil Status Symbol
Korvettes Ms Casey Ivy
Mercedes J Bigwood CH Centurion Sicilian Of Dauntae CH Savoy Sicilian Stiletto CD
Dauntae's Locket Of Mephisto
Sanland's Reba Thompson CH Sanland's Straight Shot II
LB's Picture Perfect Paisley CD
Rion's Centerfold CH Garnsey's Varsity Blues, SOM CH Lynbary's Ode To Cachet CanCH TuRo's Kristian Dior, SOMC, LOMC AmCanCH Marquam Hill's Traper Of TuRo, SOM, SOMC, LOM, LOMC
TuRo's Snapshot
CanCH Cachet's Garnet Of TuRo, DOMC CH TuRo's Inferno Of Fowler
CH Cachet's Sophisticated Lady
Halcyon Chances Are AmCanCH Cachet's High River Gambler AmCanCH Cachet's Casablanca Of TuRo, SOM
CH Touchstone's Shaia, DOM
CH Halcyon Gilding The Lily, CGC CH High River's On Fire, SOM
Halcyon Diamond Lil, CGC
Rion's Zenia CH High Rivers Taylor Made Of Backwoods, SOM, SOMC CH High River's Cadet Of Salbad CH High River's On Fire, SOM
Abad's Manilena
High River's Classic Rose CH High River's On Fire, SOM
High River's Roxanna
Rion's Ring My Bell AmCanCH Fowler's Cape Crusader CH Lake Bay's Sooner Koenig
Fowler's Missy Von Missy
CH Rion's Leather N' Lace Of TuRo CH TuRo's Inferno Of Fowler
CH TuRo's Diamond Of Cachet

Steve Stewart and Pure Pride Boxers

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